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Everyone is an entrepreneur for their own financial well being. The problem is that we all need guidance in those area about which we are uninformed. Not everyone has the time or inclination to study the stock market but we are all subject to its vascillations whether or not we care or even know what is going on there. For some of us, the stock market is a great entertainment and we love following it as it goes to and fro. This is one of my passions and I want others to avoid the mistakes I made during my learning process. I hope you gain some insight and profit by reading my thoughts about the economy and the markets.

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Quick Summary: April 18, 2019

Good morning.

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started with a gap up and everything looked like it would turn out to be a great day, but then it turned down and never looked back. No real cause that I could see. 

Today, the market will open up again as the futures are up this morning. The reports that have come out are definitely Bullish so the attitude of the traders is positive. First time unemployment was at an all time low, which should help a lot to bolster opinion.

Interest rates are almost exactly where they were a month ago, having risen last week. This is a good sign for the economy, but less so for the market. Still, they are at a good level to continue the rally. 

Blog entries


This blog is my attempt to let my friends and others to know what my current opinions are for the stock market and the economy in general. I welcome all to take what I say into consideration when deciding in which stocks should be part of their portfolio. I am presenting several model portfolios, including a smaller, more advanced portfolio for those who have limited funds. My Basic Portfolio currently has 18 stocks and is diversified through very stable vehicles through aggressive issues. My High Yield Portfolio is built on stable, low volatility stocks, bonds, and ETFs that show long term stability and consistent returns. I am presenting these suggestions hoping that the reader improves his or her returns. I intend to increase the number of portfolios for other investors who may not like these. The beauty of the market is that one can develop as many portfolios and there are investors. Many people have different goals and restraints than others. And when these portfolios need to be revised, I will do that as quickly as I can.

I am also going to present my take on the current economic situation in which we find ourselves. I have been studying economics for almost 40 years. I have a post graduate certificate in Economics and my degree is in Business Management. Economics and the market (both stock and commodity markets) has been my major interest for that time. I was a commodity and option broker in 1988, but I left the business because I found that I am not a salesman and chose to devote myself to other opportunities. I am a devotee of the Austrian School of Economics without hesitation. For those of you who know about this particular school of Economics, you know that it is devoted to freedom and voluntary exchange. I intend to devote space to these ideas occasionally, and hopefully the readers will profit intellectually by reading about how Capitalism and voluntary exchange make everyone better off.

If you find this helpful, please pass along a link to this blog and leave me some feedback. Also, I have some products you could consider. Sales of these products will help me to keep this blog going. If you want to, let me know what kinds of thing you think I should be offering on this site. Let me know if you have any questions or comments that could help to improve this site. I would be happy to consider anything you may have to say, and I promise to take into account all suggestions.

My philosophy

My investment philosophy is simple: I both technical and fundamental analysis in the attempt to determine what direction the market should take. I use both styles to determine the best securities to buy, and technical analysis to determine when to buy and sell. I do this on the basis that in my experience, that this is the optimum combination of analysis to maximize returns and reduce risk. I will provide my reasoning when giving any analysis. I am also going to provide charts and explain what the charts mean. This is to provide education to the reader about these important techniques.


The reader should know that I am not currently licensed to either sell securities or provide professional advice. I may get the license again someday but for the time being, I choose not to. Be aware that investing in stocks include risk of varying levels and the reader acts based on my opinions at his or her own risk. As is often quoted, stock values can reverse direction at any time and analysis based on past performance cannot be completely relied upon for future returns. I recommend using stops to limit potential losses.

Elington International, LLC, (collectively, the “Firm”) believes that education is a key step toward addressing your financial goals. As such, the material we provide to you is designed to serve as an informational and educational resource. Accordingly, the material does not constitute an offer or professional investment advice. Your needs, goals, and circumstances are unique, and they require the individualized attention of your financial advisor.

Reports or illustrations (“Reports”) are provided as a courtesy to you and are for informational purposes only. All Reports should be reviewed in conjunction with this Disclaimer page.

Stock Market

The stock market is the primary vehicle most people will want to concern themselves with. It is easily accessible and can be followed minute by minute by anyone. Stocks are issued by corporations and represent a share of the company which issues them.

The Commodity Market

The commodity market is not for everyone. The term "Commodity Market" means the commodity futures and options exchanges around the works but mainly in Chicago and New York. The commodity futures traded are financial futures like Bonds, physical commodities like corn and beef, and many other items like gold and silver.


Economics are the basic fundamental activity of buying and selling, monetary and fiscal activity of governments and banks. Watching these numbers gives us an insight into what these groups are doing and can enlighten us about what to expect will happen in the markets and in our personal future financial health.

Financial Strategy

How do we deal with all this information? We need to find a strategy to ensure our security for the future. The powers that be, whether governmental or financial (banks) are engaged in activities that enrich themselves at our expense, and we need to not only protect ourselves but to increase our net worth, and thus our ability to live well and afford a comfortable future.

You are a student, want to learn from us?

We can provide sources of information about economics and the markets that would take years to accumulate on your own. Visit the resource page to find reference material that will teach you about many subjects.

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Stock Advisory

I am an independent technical analyst of the stock market. I don’t charge for my advice but would appreciate it if you would visit my sale items page. I need to do this to support this website.

Why Listen to me?

It is often said that free advice is worth what it costs. However, I spend a great deal of time reviewing the data and have many years experience in Technical Analysis. Follow my recommendations and see for yourself.  

Experience matters

I have over 40 years experience in economic and technical market experience. My recommended portfolios are geared for different investment goals and strategies. Everyone is different and have different goals and time frames they need to satisfy. Check them out.

Why do I recommend a particular stock?

Make a comment to a post and I will answer any question you may have. I will answer all questions unless it becomes so overwhelming that it becomes impossible.

Review Your Case

As I said in another area, I am not currently a licensed adviser. However, I may regain my license if the need arises. Until then I will try and answer all inquiries and if you have a question about a particular stock, pass it along and I'll give my opinion about it.

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